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tv   Japanese Prime Minister State Dinner Arrival Ceremony  CSPAN  May 3, 2015 12:04am-12:18am EDT

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soldiers. i believe those gold stars are a proud symbol of the sacrifices in defending freedom. but in those gold stars we also find the pain, sorrow and -- of the americans who otherwise could have led happy lives.
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pearl harbor, baton the battles engraved at the memorial crossed my mind and i reflected upon the lost dreams and lost futures of those young americans. history is harsh. what is done cannot be undone. with deep repittance in my heart, i stood in silent prayer for some time. my dear friends, on behalf of
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japan and the japanese people, i offer with profound respect my eternal condolences to the souls of all american people that was lost during world war ii. ladies and gentlemen in the gallery today is lieutenant general law ens snowden --
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lawrence snowden. 70 years ago in february he landed on the island of iwo jima. as a captain in command of a company. general snowden has often participated in the memory of friends. he has said, and i quote, we didn't and don't go to iwo jima
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to deliver victory, but with the promise to pay tribute to and honor those who lost their lives on both sides. next year, general snowden sits next to a former member of my cabinet. his grandfather, whose valor we remember even today, as the commander of the japanese garrison during the battle of iwo jima. what should we call this if not history enemies that has fought
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each other so fiercely have become friends. bonded in spirit. to general snowden i pay tribute to your effort for -- thank you so very much. post war we started out on our path bearing in mind feelings
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of deep remorse over the war. our actions brought suffering to the peoples in asian countries. we must not avert our eyes from that. i will uphold the views expressed by the previous prime ministers in this regard. we must -- we must all the more contribute in every respect to
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the department of asia. we must work for the peace and prosperity of the region. reminding ourselves of all that we have come all this way. i am proud of this path we have taken. 70 years ago napolitano has been reduced to ashes -- japan has been reduced to ashes. each and every month from the seasons in the darkest state t. gift to japan like milk for our children and warm sweaters and
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even goats. yet from america 2036 goat came to japan. and it was japan that received the biggest benefit from the very beginning by the economic system that the u.s. as foster by opening up its own market. calling for a world economy. let down from the 1980's with the rise of the republic of korea, taiwan, and before long china as well. the time japan, too, devoted technology to support their
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growth. meanwhile, in the u.s., japan created more employment than any other foreign nation but one coming second only to the u.k. in this way prosperity has fostered first by the u.s. and second by japan. and prosperity is nothing less than the sea bed for peace. involving countries in asia pacific whose backgrounds vary the u.s. and japan must take the lead. we must take the lead to build
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a market pure, dynamic, sustainable and is also free from the ash tarry nations of any -- from the ash trarery intentions of any nation. in the pacific market we cannot overlook sweatshops on the environment nor can we simply allow free riders or intellectual property. no instead, we can split our shared values -- spread our
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shared values around the world and have them take root. the rule of law to more countries, and freedom. that is exactly what the t.p.p. is all about. furthermore, the t.p.p. goes far beyond just economic benefit. it is also about our security. long time strategic value. we should never forget that. the t.p.p. covers an area that accounts for 40% of our economy
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and 1/3 of all global trade. we must turn the area into a region for lasting peace and prosperity. that is for the sake of our children and our children's children. as for u.s.-japan the goal is near. let us bring the t.p.p. for successful conclusion through our joint leadership. as a matter of fact, i have
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something i can tell you now. it was about 20 years ago, the nations for agriculture were going numb. it and opposed to opening japan's agricultural market. i even joined in front of the parliament. however, japan's agriculture has gone into decline over these last 20 years. the average age of our farmers has gone up by 10 years. now


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